So Eden, in the national team, who’s the most beautiful?

1967, The Summer of Love. Photos by Dennis L. Maness. [x]

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Me talking to everyone I ever meet.

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47th Street, New York City, 1957. Photo by André Robé

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Happy Birthday, Donovan!
» May 10th, 1946 

16,791 plays Who Loves The Sun The Velvet Underground Loaded

Who loves the rain
Who cares that it makes flowers
Who cares that it makes showers since you broke my heart
Who loves the sun
Who cares that it is shining
Who cares what it does since you broke my heart

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"When you were asleep I was kissing your forehead
You gave a frown so I kissed you again
You started waking and put your arms round my waist
Just making sure I was there then you drifted away”


Paul McCartney on his 25th birthday, 1967

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David Bowie before he was David Bowie.

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Debbie Harry, Blondie. Photo by Michael Ochs.

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